Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Regardant de retour

3 long months... I even missed the 2nd year Burrday celebrations of my blogspace! My reader community has been disappointed with me... and I don't know if what I may say, will be construed as an excuse! But I am offering none! So what was so worthwhile that kept me away from blogging?!
Going by the past postings, if one were to feel that it was the job hunt, I would have to say, with all sincerity, "NO"! I knew I will get a job, a good one at that, but there was a lot more that I felt that needs to be done. And to give form to my ambition, my aunt landed in India. And that was how my work for the Comprehensive Stroke Management Center, started by my aunt in Bangalore, began. The responsibilities vested on me were multiferous, and educative. Not only was it an enriching experience, it was truly humbling. To serve mankind, and to connect to them at a spiritual level, realizing the oneness of the self with the universe, and through this, the true divinity vested inside us all - that is the essence of human life! And that is the path, that I have set out on.
And then again, the mundane affairs that still tie one down! A laptop that served faithfully for 3 years is finally in the ICU, requiring a critical IC transplant, that has to happen for it to survive. The Tech-docs say that even if the donor IC is available, the transplant itself is a very delicate procedure, and one can only hope for a success! "Hum poori koshish karenge, baaki sab Uparvaale ke haath mein hai"..... Cut!
Scene change... at the door steps of a temple... "tum ne meri DVDs mujhse cheen li... maine kuch nahin kaha... mere VCDs ko barbaad kar diye, main chup raha... uff na kiya.. sab kuch sehta raha... kabhie tum se kuch nahin maanga! Lekin aaj! AAAAJ! main chup nahin rahoonga! mujhe mera laptop lauta de.. bhagwan! mujhe mera laptop lauta de... " bells ringing.... chambels sounding all over...
Voice from the sky: Bete... abhi tere laptop theek hone mein thodi der tak.. tum desktop use karo!
Me: thank you bhagwan.. thank you....
And that done... now for the grand finale.... I got a job in Cognizant Technology Solutions.. yippeee.. hurray... wowza.... and all that later... the flip side is.. I will be moving to Coimbatore! And that is going to happen on Friday. Somehow, my life seems to have more dynamism, than I estimated. And so.. here I am signing off for another few days... on my way to a new adventure.. a new journey... a new path to be set!