Tuesday, January 31, 2006

She Walks in Beauty...

Found this written on someone's door while walking in my office. It instantly caught my attention with its beauty of expression. It was only the first paragraph that they had on there, and hence, as soon as I came home, I went online to figure out who wrote this! Well! bingo! found the culprit who had so wonderfully worded the magic of Love! Lord Byron is his name, and here is the poem, that stole my heart! Wish I cud tell this to the love of my life.. someday.. somewhere! ;)
She Walks in Beauty, like the night
Of Cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes;
Thus mellow'd to that tender light
Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less,
Had half impair'd the nameless grace
Which waves in every raven tress
Or softly lightens o'er her face,
Where thoughts serenely sweet express
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek and o'er that brow
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent,
The smiles that win, the tints that glow,
But tell of days in goodness spent,—
A mind at peace with all below,
A heart whose love is innocent.
-George Gordon Byron, Lord Byron. 1788–1824

Saturday, January 28, 2006

And the secret is out....!!!

With much apprehension, hesitation, and circumspection, have I finally decided to show what I had been upto.. a prelude to which you guyz had already gotten in the post below this one! *cheeks turning RED* * heart beating faster n faster*....
So guyz... what do u think? eh? *eyes winkin'*

Friday, January 27, 2006


I was not so sure of myself! Can I do it? Must I do it? I was not so sure! You know.. it isn't the same thing as Himanshu acting! He just doesn't care if its acting or not! He just does it! On the other hand if only I was as deft as Mallika or Meghana in strippin'! But I am not a pro in what I am about to do!
You know.. it had been quite a while, since I had done it! I still remember the first time that I did it.. I was young! I was confused! It was an instinct, and it just happened! I did not intend to do so! I was surprised at what came out!! I looked at it in awe and wonder! It felt good! Initially I had to look at something when doing it! But later on, with seasonin', I had started to imagine and do it! And I did a pretty good job on it too! It felt good even more! I had started to improve!
But before long, the increasing work, studies, and stress had reduced the frequency of it. I still used to take sometime off and do it. It was very relaxing, and refreshing! But all this was in the past! Yeah! It has been a long time since I did it! And now, I wanted to do it again! Self-doubt plagued me. I resolved to do it no matter what! Maybe I will fail, maybe the result would not be what I wanted it to be! But one had to take the chance! I had abstained from it for a long time. It was now time to break the circle.
I looked at it - long, and lying limp! I said to it - You have got a job dude! And you better get up and get it done! I held it in my hand! I could feel the coldness. I shuddered. Must I do it still? My mind was racing.... there was no turning back now! The question was, must I imagine or must I see something? I did not want to take any chances... I decided on the latter. I did not want to strain my brain a lot, it already had a lot of work to do, in co-ordinating my hands!! But the travails did not end there! I had to choose what to see! Something that is stimulating to the eyes and pleasant! I searched! I went online looking for it! Wonder of Wonders, I found it in an email attachment! It was with me all the while?!!!! The time had finally come! I was all set to do it!
I started slowly, my hands quivering, even as I held it! Like a swimmer testing the water before getting into it, I slowly moved my hands. There were light strokes coming up! I continued for sometime. Things started shaping up, and it started to make sense. I could not stop it now. I had to do it. I was at it, and I did not have any more doubts in my mind! I could do it! yes! I can! I am doing it! I was exhilarated! I could not believe my eyes! I had not lost the touch!! Yes!!!!! It was complete!!! I heaved a huge sigh of relief, and wiped the sweat off my brow! I looked at it, and felt immense satisfaction rushing into my being! It is done! I got up, and cracked my fingers! They were relieved too! yes! It had been a long time. I resolved that I will do it more regularly! I went to sleep. It was a peaceful sleep that I slept last nite!
P.S :- Sooooooooooooooooooo.... all those of you, who are wonderin' what it is all about! Keep reading this column, for an update! Till then, happy guessing!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rustling up some Russell!

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly."
--Albert Einstein in a letter to Morris Raphael Cohen, professor emeritus of philosophy at the College of the City of New York, defending the controversial appointment of Bertrand Russell to a teaching position, dated March 19, 1940.
It seemed quite justifiable that I start this blog with a quote by Einstein on Bertrand Russell, for it was he, who introduced me to him! Weird as it may seem, I had taken profound interest in Quantum physics and found Einstein a divus in this land! In his book "Ideas and Opinions", he spoke with extreme veneration on Bertrand Russell. What really drove me to him nevertheless, was an excerpt from his book mentioned by good ol' Alby, in his essay. The excerpt was from a book by Russell - "An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth". Now mind you, me and my imbecile brain were both at a Pre-University level, and to tell you the truth, could garner abysmally minimal amount of what Bertrand had penned. I have indeed come a long way since then, with my mediocrity, and yes, he still holds me in awe! A change being that now, much like a slow learner, I have begun to understand the simple matters, intricately woven in his verbal maze!
Bertrand Russell is ruthless in his presentation of matters, and seldom tries to simplify his thoughts! I have found him unrelenting in his expression of his ideas and views, which bludgeons the principles he speaks of, and holds the reader in rapt attention (whether he understands it or not is a different issue altogether). There are some simple books that one may want to start with -
  • The Conquest of Happiness :- After several months of abstaining from Bertrand Russell, invariably scared by his verbal aptitude as also the complexity of the ideas presented, I chanced upon this book. It exposed a more humane front of Russell - one wherein he is relatively simple in his expression. As for the ideas he talks of in this book, well let me tell you, this isn't a How-to-be-happy-in-24-hrs book in the layman sense of it. As with any great philosopher, he expects the reader to be mature enough to contemplate on his views, and not just accept them at the face value. In the end, one is convinced of his view of happiness and how one is to be happy amidst the rigmaroles of day-to-day lives.
  • Education and Social Order :- Education is one of Russell's most passionate topics. His concern is clearly evident when he lucidly talks about topics that range from the method of teaching, to the subjects involved in educating the younger minds! He raises a very interesting question in this book. He wonders about how the younger generation must be educated? Must they be groomed to become ideal citizens? Or to become ideal Individuals? Want to have a take on this one?

  • Mysticism and Logic :- The book starts with one of the celebrated essays of Bertrand Russell - "A Freeman's Worship". In this book he explores the various aspects of Religion, science, and metaphysics. He dwells at length on topics like mathematics, and its relation with the real world, philosophy and metaphysics. Here's an insightful writing coming directly from his pen, "The habit of being unable to recognize merit until it is dead is too apt to be the result of a purely bookish life, and a culture based wholly on the past will seldom be able to pierce through everday surroundings to the essential splendour of contemporary things, or to the hope of still greater splendour in the future." [Chapter 3: The Place of Science in Liberal Education, pp-51]

  • An Inquiry into Meaning and Truth :- By far it is the most complicated book amongst all that I have read so far. His expositions on meaning begins right with the very base of words, language, and their use to express the ideas and feelings. Then comes the question of Truth! What is truth? What is the measure of truth? Here is where Russell lost me (or wherein I lost him)! The ethical view points on truth dives deep into the aspects of science, psychology and metaphysics! When I read this book, I was in my I PUC. Probably, I may change.

  • On the hindsight, the role of Russell's writings in giving newer aspects to my thought, would perhaps be augmented, if I had the capability to understand his line of philosophy. In whatever small manner he has imprinted his ideas on me, has certainly changed my perspective on many things. Yet, to wholly understand Russell, would be a challenge worth taking, and would make me very proud if I would be able to do it sometime, before long! Welches Sagen Sie Sir?

Monday, January 23, 2006

It's only words...

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine, wrote a beautiful mail to me. In which she wrote about words; words that we utter, that we write, that we use to express our deepest feelings and desires. It had me thinking about the importance of words in our day to day lives. Ofcourse they are important. As already said, that is how we express! That is how we have learnt to put across the multitudinous feelings that rage within us. Ever wondered how it would be if we were incapable of expressing with words? So, words have thus, made themselves very important for us. Yet another factor is who utters those words! Isn't it? Words that we would have heard over and over again, gain a certain importance when they come from a certain group of people. Words that a stranger (a person with whom we may feel no connection whatsoever) may not even reach our ears, but the slightest murmur of discomfort from our closest people is enough to create a storm of feelings in our minds.
What that offsets, determines to a large extent the future of the relationships. Often, harsh words give rise to harsh words. My teacher would remind us often, "People who fly into a rage, always make a bad landing". Words uttered in anger, dismay, confusion, only leads to more of it. To react to that in the same manner, only worsens the situations. So how is one to have the balance maintained in such a way, that it remains unaltered in the most adverse situations? How is one to give rise to words of love, and comfort when one is being abused? I am yet to learn it. But I am sure that it can be done.
Sure, they are only words, words that were created by us. But words are all we have, to build a better world.

Friday, January 20, 2006

More on the oceans....

Long long ago I had written a blog on oceans - the ol' blues of the world! Enormous quantities of water, and yet held within its limits! Varied secrets of the past, all hidden in its depths! The silent witness to the change that has been effective ever since the life was first formed in its wombs. Even more, being a part of that change, of that evolution! Bridging civilizations, and continents! Sometimes collecting a rather heavy toll for this service! The originator for several adventures, fairy tales, myths and legends! The mighty ocean!
One thing that is absolutely astounding about the ocean is its majesticity, and composure! Sure people have taken it for granted! They use it as a burial ground for the crap and s**** they want to discard! Every now and then, they spill oil into the oceans over a war that is only governed by selfish desires and personal hegemonies! And before long, they run to the oceans, feeling sorry for their deeds, trying to make up for their mistakes by cleaning up the mess that would not have been there in the first place, if man for his sense had the ability to control his tempers and desires! What more! they try to utilize the resources of the ocean, thanklessly plundering its vast riches for their personal benefits! Directly feeding their poisonous discards into its calm waters, making them murky, just like their minds - full of anger, suspicion, hatred, and disrespect for fellow humans. Before long, the ocean digests it all, rejuvenates and again holds its arms aloft for the life!
Then again, there comes a time, when in rage, the mighty ocean soars to heights that man cannot fathom, with a strength that dwarfs the technological prowess and power established by man, and in a single gulp destroys everything that it had sustained! Nature is the very repository for the calm. When humans mistake this, and take it for granted, abusing it, and misusing it, they are but digging their own burial grounds. For a day may come, when the earth shall rumble, and the oceans may set out to scale new limits, and then, man quivers!
What is amusing is that man, at that time, sets out to write poems and articles and makes movies, calling upon the nature to recollect what its duty is supposed to be! Deploring its rage! Asking it to forget the loads of abuse mankind has heaped on it! Sometimes, I do wonder, what the ocean would think about mankind! Mankind calls upon a relationship that it failed to respect and honor at the moment of its abuse - one wonders just how much more opportunist can man get to be! Before long, the ocean regains its composure! The cosmic silence again fills its depths, and rumbles onto the surface carried out by the mighty winds!
I admire nature, and its patience.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A Glossary for Netizens!

The Jan 16, 2006 edition of TIME has several interesting articles that makes it worth having in the collection. Some of the issues that it has concentrated this time around, includes the cultural dilemma faced by the many cross-culture breeds and more so, the Asian Americans; the recent scandal to rock the White House in the form of Jack Abramoff, and more importantly a series of articles based on some recent findings about the human brain and its effective utilization.
Of interest here is the last one. The growing techno-savviness, the rat race, and the urge to stay way ahead of everyone has, as the articles claim, begun to take a heavy toll on the power of our brains. Rather than enabling us to utilize the brain even more, such heavy gadgety trend has made us alarmingly dependent on the machines and hence even as our productivity is on a decline, various forms of disorders are on the rise. With this bird-view, I would leave it to the interests of my readers to either pursue and find out more, or else just ignore this post! (Oh! Well.. yet another on the list!).
For those of you, who continued to read on.. one of the articles concentrated on the issue of "Multi-tasking". This caught my attention because, I do a lot of this. Even as I am typing out my blog on my office computer, I have a program being executed on my laptop, a messenger running, a conversation over the cell phone, and not to forget the intermediate visits by my colleagues and supervisors..... oops.. just remembered something, lemme jot it down real quick on this stick pad, right next to me! I too like many others am deluged to think that I am being more productive, the article nevertheless begs to differ! This overt increase in the quantity of work, on the longer run seems to deteriorate the quality of the same!!
Well, it also lists a glossary of terms that have been introduced to funkily name our little "idiosyncracy" (as I would like it to be called.. rather than a compulsive disorder). I am sure, a lot of you out there, would be amazed to identify yourselves with them.
  1. Screen Sucking:- Wasting time online long after you have finished what you signed on to do.
  2. Frazzing:- Frantic, ineffective multitasking, typically with the delusion that you are getting a lot done. The quality of the work, however, is poor. (Thankfully, I feel I am at a stage where I can retract and revamp myself)
  3. Pizzled:- How you feel when someone you are with pulls out a cell phone or Blackberry and uses it without an apology or explanation. A cross between pissed off and puzzled! (A lot of my friends were though.. and well heck! am not even picking up my cell phone now! Phew!)
  4. Doomdart:- The internal distraction of a forgotten task that pops into your mind when you are doing something else. A side of frazzing.

Well all of these were taken from the article in the TIME magazine. It has in turn borrowed the same from a forthcoming book, CrazyBusy:Overstretched, Overbooked and About to Snap - Strategies for Coping in a World Gone ADD (Ballantine Books; 246 Pages) authored by psychiatrist Edward Hallowell.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Some observations from everyday life!!

  1. Well, whoever said Life's a roller coaster ride, had for true, lived it! (Am gettin' good at making such quotable quotes). Well, the past few days, right after the very first week of the New Year, I had been way up above, and then took a plummetting drop to down the pit, and just when I thought that my carriage is going to be broken to splinters, it regained, and is in motion again! Now I just dunno what lays ahead, but yeah, I am loving this! Just when, the life feels that the person is getting complacent in its issue, it throws up a surprise! And boy! does that wake u up!!
  2. It is very easy to be angry, mouth out words, to inflict wounds verbally, and later on regret. But as the great thinker Aristotle had figured it out much earlier in during the 300 BC period - To be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose and in the right way - That is not easy!! (This is the opening quote from the world famous book "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman.)
  3. It is easy to call discord, and mayhem a revolution! But to create a true revolution, we will have to first of all begin with the right step, and the right manner, in the right path, that shall lead us to our goals. Be it personal, or social, a revolution that has lost its sense of purpose, is detrimental, useless, and forgone!
  4. With great power, comes great responsibility. (Ok! Spiderman! cool it! I know I took this off of you.. but hey! it was true in my case too!) The creativity one is vested with, is also a power. To nurture it, and to allow it to grow is a great responsibility! What is even greater is to know how to utilize it for the betterment of the self!
  5. When our commitments over ride our lives! When our duties devastate our inner balance! When we begin to live a life for others so much that we forget to live for ourselves, that is when you realize that you must take a break! And in that realization, GO GET ONE!!
  6. If one's happiness depends on what others say or think of us! Then there is a problem! (Based on one of my most favorite quotes from ILLUSIONS - by Richard Bach).
  7. We sometimes let our hatred for our enemies come in between our love for our friends. We keep our enemies but lose our friends! (Yet another quotable quote by yours truly ;) )
  8. Life is beautiful.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Chokher Bali : Tagore's message through a story!

Yesterday, I happened to watch a much acclaimed movie by Rituporna Ghosh - Choker Baali (Sand in the Eye). It is a movie based on an adaptation of the novel by Rabindranath Tagore - Binodini. The movie relates the tale of 2 women - Binodini and Ashalatha and their intense struggle over a man Mahendranath. The main protagonist is nevertheless Binodini. Mahendra's mother was initially interested in making Binodini her daughter-in-law, given her prowess in English and her beauty. But Mahendranath does not interest accept. Binodini is married to another person, who dies within a year. Mahendranath eventually marries Ashalatha (played by Riya Sen). Mahendranath's mother brings the widow Binodini home, and she grows close to Ashalatha. Binodini is given a name "Chokher Bali", by Ashalatha. Binodini who was till then restrained in her desires, begins to covet the marital pleasures that Ashalatha is enjoying. She now acts a seductress, and succeeds in enticing Mahendranath. This creates a rift between Mahendra and Ashalatha. The latter leaves to Kashi to spend some time in contemplation. Binodini is made to leave the house, and she arrives at the doorsteps of Behari (an adopted son for Mahendra's mother) and pleads with him to marry her. Having been rejected by him too, she comes back to her village, to be followed by Mahendra, who would have left his house for her sake.
Binodini, now has her heart set on Behari, and rejects Mahendra's advances, and pleads with him to take her to Kashi, so she can meet Behari again. He promises not to take advantage of her, and eventually at Kashi, Mahendra reunites with Ashalatha. Behari proposes to Binodini, but on the day of the marriage, Binodini leaves for good, and is never found.
The movie has a lot of highlights worth mentioning. The first and foremost is the depiction of the plight of widows in Calcutta, during the 1902 period. There are some very stirring moments such as when Binodini shows Ashalatha how to wear an English blouse her husband would have brought her. And while in Kashi, Ashalatha, being pregnant, is served fish curry by the widows. The widows then were barred from eating fish, and one can see the hunger in the eyes of the other widows, even as Ashalatha is eating the fish curry. Presumably, as shown in the movie, the widows were also barred from drinking tea. The script is taut, and interspersed with intelligent and witty dialogues - most of them flowing from the prime character, Binodini. The rebuke of Mahendranath by Binodini in several occassions has been very deftly treated. Right from the first advance that he makes towards her, Binodini has his manliness at her mercy! Sometimes, the viewer may be led to believe that Rituporna got carried away with the charisma of Aishwarya, and may have over cooked her character.
Sadly enough, Aishwarya Rai remains more of a sleaze factor in the movie than a character. Except in certain situations, her expression, in most part of the movie, is wooden! She fails to impress as a seductress. The necessary potion of intense romance, sexual tension, and allure is something that her body can just not brew! But its her eyes that are worth a thousand words and one has just gotto give it to 'em. The character of Ashalatha, played by Riya Sen (who for once doesn't seem so vampish) is a lack lustre, infront of Binodini. I am now interested to read the novel and to learn the treatment of the characters from the master himself! Though, I am sure that Rituporna would have done justice to all of 'em.
The most touching part of the movie is obviously the climax, wherein through a letter to her friend Ashalatha, Binodini draws a comparison of their condition with their land, Bengal. She laments over how, their lack of exposure to the wider world, and confinement to the four walls of household, resulted, in both of them fighting over a single man, and thus devastating the whole household. She hopes that even though, they have both parted ways (much like Bengal was divided into East and West Bengal), they would continue to remember their erstwhile friendship, and that it would still ensure that any future meetings between them (if it were to occur) would be cordial and as friendly as it were before.
I would want to do a more thorough review of the movie and its intended message to be passed across to the common man. Nevertheless, I would love to read the novel, before dwelling into more intricacies. That being, peace for now! Catch up with this one, whenever u are in mood for some serious stuff!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

yoon kabhie apne aap se juda ho jaata hoon
aaine ke saamne anjaan sa rehta hoon
apnon se toh dUr rahtaa tha
ab mujhse bhi dUr rehtaa hoon!

jeene ki tamanna liye jiye jA rahe the
jeena kise kehte hain maalUm na tha!
Ek din maut saamne aake khaDi huyi
main zindagi ko alvida kehne chala tha!
zindagi ne kahaa tUne mEra karz chukaaya nahin!
tU toh mujhe jiya hI nahin!
main zindagi ko apnAna chahta tha!
Maut saamne aake khaDi huyi thi!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Have you ever had to break a bad news to the family over phone? Striking a conversation then becomes the most painful task! No matter how jovial or exuberant you may try to sound, the phonyness of the entire thing becomes evident sooner than one can say "hello"! It is even more so, with parents than anybody else!
What makes this task even more agonizing is the realization that you are the one stifling their dreams, aspirations, and happiness that you have yourself sowed in their life! For their part they may seem encouraging and supportive of your venture, but then the long drawn pauses between the sentences, the heavy breathing, and the choking voice are daggers that dig deep into one's soul, and makes life the most dreary thing to ever happen to you!
I hate myself when I am like this! Even more, when I am clueless! Like falling from pan to fire! But then again, what is wrong in feeling down at times? Staying upbeat and bubbly all the while is also being type cast. Isn't it? Or am I just rationalizing! I am missing my parents a lot. I wish I had my mother here with me, to reassure me that I can pull through this, and that everything is OK. I wish she would run her hands through my hair, mess them up and then set them straight again, joking on how many more hairs she made me lose. I wish my father was right next to me, assuring me that I am capable of handling anything that life throws at me, and that I can never disappoint him, as I never have, till now. The point being, they tried, they tried a lot. But, over a $ 5 call that will last 45 mins, I missed out on a lot of things! I dunno what to do... I just don't know.....

Monday, January 09, 2006

Don't you sometimes wish for life to be a lot simpler than it is ?! Or is it that we tend to complicate matters than they could have been! I do wish I had a better understanding of all this! Even more so, a better understanding of myself! It really helps a lot to either be absolutely knowledgeable or a complete ignorant! Somehow this business of somewhere in between isn't what I am carved out for!
Consider the situation when you have to make choices! And these choices are what carve out a niche in your life! No, it is not as simple as choosing what movie of SRK to watch - Ashoka or K3G ?! Both are equally exasperating on the nerves. And you know for sure, that before long you will be running away from it as if you caught Shakti Kapoor with his pants down!!
No, this isn't about it at all! These are choices that are related to the precious things in life! The one's that are essential for your happiness and also the family that relies on you! The Duality literally splits one apart and the pain is excruciating! Indecision, consequences, risks - all take a toll on the mind, and before long, I will find me slouching on the couch, like a sloth, drooling all over, my hair all pointy like a porcupine, with bowls of icecream in front of me, watching reruns of Kattegalu saar Kattegalu, and suddenly developing a sense of liking to Ekta Kapoor's soaps!!
These are the times, I miss so many people! People with whom I probably could have confided my confusions and fears, with whom I might have spoken my concerns freely! I so much wish I would be a child again!
Even as I am lying on the bed typing this, my heart wishes that, I go to sleep now, and when I get up in the morning, everything would have been resolved! Yet! I know its only a wish! Have I stifled myself so much that I can't even plunge to take a risk, or is it that I value ethics, quite enough to restrain me from getting lured into matters, I later may regret? Yet again, today, my mind is full of questions. Just questions. And there is the wish.. of becoming a child again.. or maybe this is what growing up is all about! My eyes are getting drowzy.....

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I guess the Lord Must be in NYC!!

And yes, he was!! On the 29th and 30th of December! So that should answer the queries of all those who wondered if I was murdered by the fans of Himanshu Malik! Well not quite! I was out celebrating my life, in the East Coast of U S of "A"!! (remember Om puri doing this quoteable style in "Bollywood Calling"?)
I visited New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Atlanta!! Thanks to friends who get jobs in these celebrated places and give us an excuse for haunting them! My visit to Manhattan was nothing short of SUPERB! The ride on the ferry over the Atlantic Ocean (from Staten Island to Manhattan), with the gusts of the wind crashing into me, filled me with the energy and vigor of the mighty waters! I could smell the enthusiasm of the city that never sleeps! It is a feeling of experiencing the joy of life that enraptures one's heart when they set foot into such places, be it in any part of the world!! Walking through Times Square, watching the faces of the people, made me want to stand still and savor it forever! The people who brushed against me, who shoved me, or pushed me, were not celebrities! I do not remember their faces, I do not know them! They had a life parallel to mine, one that I am unaware of! Their lives are complete with their joys and sorrows, worries and fears, and yet in that moment of touch, a transverse was drawn that connected us! The festive celebration to invite a new year, full of hopes and assurances! The smiles we exchanged, the happiness we shared during that momentary eye contact, made a celebrity of one another!
I was happy and satisfied at my commonness! I cherished the earthly bonding of the people around me! I was happy to be there and thankful to my friends who were with me! I know you will read this, and will feel happy. That is what makes this worthwhile to write! Thanks!

Time Wrap - 2005!!

Cartoon courtesy:- http://cagle.msnbc.com/politicalcartoons/

Ok! Let's see, I am 4 days and 18 hours late in wishing you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR! And I know a lot of you guys(and gals) have been visiting this page hoping for an update! (Even if you ain't, in the spirit of the good ol' year.. keep nodding your heads). Well, as considerate as I am, of all your feelings, I have taken time to do so, finally!! So now, pipe down, and rest your hearts!.....

*lol* *lol* *lol* woah dudes! Who we kidding heeeeeere!! Its a NEW YEAR!! So raise those champagnes once again, and lets get to partyyyyyyyyy and laugh ourselves out silly thinking of all the stupid things we did last year and how we are gonna repeat them again this year!! Lets hit the floor and dance our hearts out not having a care in the world for the grouchy types who spend their new year, worrying that they now are a year older than they were!! Heck! Am in retrograde motion of my aging!!

Now a lot of my dudes and dudeees(not to let the female species out.. you know) have chronicled their past year, listing their achievements, their happiness, and moments of sorrow, and listed their resolutions for the year coming up! Now that got me to think, what the heck I am doing watching Kareena Kapoor tear my ear drums out with her shrill shreiks in K3G!! And in that moment of supreme revelation, I decided to assume the posture of horizontal alignment on a soft and bonky surface and ponder on my life! But before long, I got up shrieking in horror of having seen Kishan Kumar singing, albeit in a dream! Well that done, I packed my bags and went off wandering in search of a calm place to ponder on my year gone by!

While in the journey I ran into several specimens of the sapien species all in varied moods of celebration! Now lemme warn you all that there are some of these who would rather write a 1000 page books or dreary poems crying over the pathetic existence of human life, glorifying its miseries, of brutal deaths, and depressing life styles, walking their way into the next year, that would make watching Sanjay Kapoor dance in Raja a blissful experience! But thatz about all that they are, and they shall remain so! Now I wudn't let a divine mistake like Sanjay Kapoor (well in all due regards to him, guyz, lets be fair, hez a manufacturing defect!) or his followers thwart my peace! Having said that, and gotten it out of my system, I did find a blissful place to ponder on the self that I have glorified by calling "I"!!

There I knew, it does not quite matter. Years come and go, time flows by and all that jazz! But the beauty of life, and the celebration of it never ceases one bit! Every moment and every second is new and in each of them offer us the chance to celebrate our existence! Sure we have problems, and concerns, and have the massive swords of time and death hanging over our heads by the strand of these very seconds and moments! But in the spite of all these, is the beauty of the early morning sun, the beauty of a new beginning given to us with it, the smile on the lips that has the power of spreading the happiness throughout the world! And frankly nothing in our lives can be more dreary than watching Sanjay Kapoor, Kishan Kumar and Ajay Devgan dance for an Altaf Raja Song, with a music composed by Bappi Lahiri, wearing designer Govinda dress, ofcourse coupled by a series of female leads - Meghana Naidu, Payal Rohatgi, Mallika Sherwat! Thank God for that!

So, yes, I have lived through 2005, with my smile, spirit and energy intact!

My resolution for 2006? To continue to do so! So herez to life!!!!