Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I sudina ninna januma dina!!!

ivattu nannakka mangaLana huTTida habba! ninne raatri phone maaDidde avaLa time 12:00 AM ge, phone etlE illa :(.
beLigge sumaaru 1 ghaMTe try maaDingO maaDingu... bhaava yaavdO office callnallidraMte! kaadu kaadu kaDegU sikkidlu. naanu manji together wish maaDidwi :D (actually naanu modalu phone maaDi wish maaDde.. aamEle manji jote conf haakiddu ;) ). vishruth maataaDda ... choooo chweeeeeeeeet aagi.. Ilallu maama aMda :D (Ilallu aMdre.. I love you aMta ;;) ) hehehehehe.. next time.. yaavdaadrU huDgige heegE hELbEku.. arthaanU aagbaardu.. hELlU biDbEku!!! sakkattAgirutte!!
I wish the very very very very best for my sister! All the happiness in the world and the best health! Am so lucky to have her in my life!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Jeevan ke safar mein raahi....

On 24th my room mate and one of my best friends left to California! Well! He got a new job, and so left on another "adventure". And this, offset another stream of thought in me! Sure, you keep hearing the usual cliche about life being a long journey and everyone else being our co-passengers who join us and leave us as time passes (or rather as journey continues). But I have always felt that companionship is much more than this! Isn't it about staying together always? I do not mean physical presence. I know, that's not possible! But for two people to stay together always, there are other means isn't it? Memories, for example!
Ever since childhood, we meet people who grow dear to us, we call 'em friends, relatives, and any other name that sounds endearing! Isn't all this an effort by man to keep alive those associations? For that matter, even the enemies we despise are also the effort by man to keep them alive in the deep recesses of mind!
Memories of good, old and ugly, all of them grow up to become endearing to us over a period of time. Things that we cannot live without, people to love and despise when in solitude! To think back and laugh at the funny moments, cry at the sad ones and curse at ill ones! What would man do without memories? On the flip side of it, maybe he wouldn't waste a lot of time broodin' over them and maybe there wouldn't be much to write in journals and blogs! hehehehe.. so with all the free time, maybe he would do more creative works!
But then what would inspire man to do these creative things?! How would man get the motivation needed to keep himself alive even after he is long gone! Memories.... you can't live without them, you can't live with them! Yet another new page has been added to the memories! The book grows in length and content! I know one thing for sure, the times of solitude would be packed... I have a lot of reading to do!
Meanwhile, I am just happy humming the number so wonderfully rendered by Kishore kumar..
jeevan ke safar mein raahi milte hain bichad jaane ko
aur de jaate hain yaadein tanhaayee mein tadpaane ko !

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

You've Got Mail!

I watched this movie probably when I was in my Engineering! When Tom Hanks is paired with Meg Ryan, I can be sure of one thing - not to bother about the story! It will be awesome! This movie, was more than awesome, it was SPLENDID with all caps ;) .
From the opening score that crooned.. "Dreams are nothing but the wishes and a wish is just a dream.. wished to come true... " to the final scene where Brinkley tugs on Tom's blazer, the movie was adorable in every sense!
The playful zest of Meg Ryan, the funny and witty Tom Hanks.. wonderful script and a taut editing that never leaves the storyline hanging at any point! Ah! It's a movie to relish. And I did relish it too.. have lost count of how many times I have watched it.
Isn't internet a fascinating thing?! Billions of people all over the world, connected to eachother, oblivious from one another, yet somehow affecting our lives in some minute way.... responding to our feelings and emotions, identifying themselves in us, somehow everyone becomes so close when we realize this! The thing that fascinates me the most is the mystery that surrounds this whole business of internet communication ala email, chat, etc. The persons we meet, converse, mail, seem to become a part of us without either one of us ever meeting eachother in person! Is it good or is it not?! I don't wanna answer that question, and it isn't my purpose here too! All I wanna do is.. share the excitement one feels when someone emails us... a someone... who we feel isn't someone!

"I'll say goodbye
to all my sorrows and tomorrow
I'll be on my way...
I guess the Lord Must be in New York City..... "

Monday, June 20, 2005

Trees For Life!

After ages, today I will be going back to Trees For Life! A moment of nostalgia! I remember the time I had fallen sick seriously and after recovering, decided to get into community service, for reasons known to only me!
Anyways, I am glad that I came in touch with this organization. My work was related to helping them with their multi-media learning software for poor children all over the world. I worked on the hindi and kannada versions of the software, making animations, and building stories for children!
Funny enough, it was I who learned a lot more, than what I had to give! The selfless nature of the people over there, the contentment they seem to radiate in their whole being! The happiness they spread... the huge bear hug I always received by David! It healed me of many pains - physical and mental! There is one belief they always nurture, David keeps telling it again and again... "This place is a heaven. And whosoever enters through the front door, is an angel!" Today the time has come to rejoin the divinity! It is so true, Balbir's work has indeed shown happiness to thousands of families across the world! Their concern and love for mankind is a unique one, in that, it is not just words, but actions, silent actions like high frequence sound, that mere mortals like us, caught up in the mundane affairs, never will be able to hear! To hear it, one needs to be elevated on the platform of life! One needs to be human in true sense of the word. It is time to again get connected with it.. and I am happy, very happy!

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Snubby is the name of my Pet dog - a cross bred Pomerian. My parents presented him to me for my 13th B'day! I remember the day he was brought.. hehehehe.. my father brought him in a basket!! The first thing he did as soon as he came to the house was to poop in the front yard! Had a tough time maintaining him during the younger days but the things did ease off as he grew. It was as if we had a younger brother! Sounds funny? I dunno, maybe thatz how it is with dogs(for a starter I hated to call him a dog)! He was white all over, except for his brown ears and black eyes! Over a very short period of time, I got extremely attached to Snubby. So much so that, I wouldn't go out with my parents for fear that Snubby would be upset! And it was so indeed!!!
One day, we all went to a movie, and we hadn't even turned at the road end, and Snubby started crying at the top of his voice! Believe it or not, I just cudn't go any further, I asked my parents and brother to carry on, and ran back to this kid of mine!!! The most funny aspect was related to bathing Snubby! Surprisingly enough he wouldn't let anyone bathe him other than me. I used to bathe him in the backyard! He used to stand posing like a king, while I, like an attendant would wash him all over *deep sighs*. Much as he would make me mad with his small tantrums, there were moments when he would make me cry! His health would suddenly deteriorate, and he would stop eating. Boy! that would make me so tense!!
There have been so many moments of happiness and desperation that I shared with my Snubby. Once, I got my visa to leave to America, I used to tease him a lot, saying that there won't be any attendants to bathe him! He was always ahead of me anyhow... Snubby, passed away suddenly just 2 days before I left to USA.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Big Old Blue!!

I don't know whether it is because of the fact that I have the Piscean traits, or that I was always near some huge water source eversince childhood, Oceans, Rivers, and large lakes seem to fascinate me, almost as does the vast expanse of sky! One thing that is common between the two, its the color Blue!!
I have always looked the the vast expanse of water and marvelled at it! There is something strangely magnetic and wonderful about the fact that such a huge amount of water could accumulate in one place, and did not leave the perimeter again! (Well almost...)
The crystal clear blue expanse, the waves endlessly splashing on the banks, the sand on the sea shores, small conch shells, sea shells, and above all the deep murmur of the vast sea carried over to us by the swift wind, as if the waters are whispering to us the secrets of the past that it has been witness to, with a child like zealousness.
Indeed the oceans have been witness to the beginning of life forms, civilizations, wars, growth and development, and destruction too (sometimes they themselves being the cause!). To this day, I just have to close my eyes and my mind loses itself on the ocean, swiftly carried off by its currents to lands never seen by human eyes!
The Sun rise and Sun set - two of the celestial events that the sea/ocean has a role in! Words fail to describe the beauty abundant in these phenomenon!
All said and done, in the end, all the mind craves for is the same banks to walk upon, the same whispers echoing in my ears... endlessly sharing its many secrets... my dearest friend... my Big Old Blue!