Friday, June 26, 2009

Confusious Thinks......

Lots of Ranting coming up!! So run for covers!


  1. What is so hard about expectations?! What we have of others... or of what others have of us?!

  2. How do you truly know what you want?! I know people say all about feeling.. intuition.. gut feeling.. blah blah blah blah... but has anyone ever really experienced it? Before you ever set out on something, has anyone felt that this is IT! The ONE magical thing that he/she has been waiting for?!

  3. It is true that one has to be truthful for oneself. But which self is one to be truthful for? Its easy to say that there is only one 'self' but how many of us really have only one 'self'?!

  4. There is 'self' for the family, there is a 'self' for the society, there is a 'self' for your friends... does one get to pick and choose which one of these is "MY SELF?" Or if I were to choose something totally different of all of these, and call that as "MYSELF".. will the society, the family, my friends accept it? So eventually.. what am I to them? An identity defined by the masks they prefer to see me in? Or does it even matter.......?!!

  5. Why is it so tough to let go of the desire to Control?! Relations, people, circumstances, we are forever striving to exercise control over everything around us! There is a thrill in letting go too! Maybe we'd end up with having something in our hands that we don't like or we don't want.. but is Life all about getting everything that we want?!!
  6. It'd be so easy for me sometimes, if I'd be left to my own, but world seldom does that! Everyone has expectations that are expected to be met. I dunno what is so hard.. the expectations I have of others.. or what others have of me..................