Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nomadic Musings!!

And so, here I am back on the turf that I had long seized playing on. The grasses have grown tall, weeds in between too, and am not so sure, if I can wield the bat as well as I used to! Chandan, had written earlier in one of this blogs (studying the nature of bloggers and their blogs) that a blog reflects the state of mind a blogger is in. Given the inactivity of my space for such a long time, I wonder what it can be classified as. Thankfully no one wrote me off as being wiped away!! What was even more heartening was that people wrote to me personally asking me the reason for my absence from the blogging world, and imploring me, threatening me, coaxing me nicely to get back to the writing mode.

Much like my blog, even I have not been having a feeling of having ever settled down. If my blog were to have feelings, I guess it’d wonder why there is no routine in its life! Regular posts, comments from the endearing readers, feedbacks, regular make-over!! Nothing at all!!! Likewise, I do not have a settled feeling yet! I still am a Nomad. I guess there is a part of me that enjoys this nomadic existence. One has to give credit to the freedom of existence that this life assures of. And believe me, I do treasure it! Work – professional and personal has kept me rather occupied. The excuse may seem as lame to you too, as it does to me, or even more! But believe me, the writer in me, had probably taken a sabbatical for a few months. During which period, I may even be accused of indulging in frivolous living, as I had taken to writing elsewhere, rather than in my personal blog-space!! (Ah! The nerve of me!!)

Writer’s block is a classic excuse for many out here for the continued absence. I would like to be counted amongst them too! It isn’t that I could not have keyed some words in…. but rather that I never felt like. It’s like coming back to meet a good ol’ friend of the yore, and there is an urge to share so many things with him, but one never does! One just waits for another time. I guess one way to overcome this is to just sit down, and start typing. That is what I am doing now, as I am on my way to Bangalore. Rustic landscapes, beautiful hills draped in green, large expanse of paddy fields with lakes and ponds interspersed. Who wouldn’t feel like sharing a few thoughts across? Those who care to listen will continue to read, and those who don’t, will shut the browser and move on. Life continues…..